App Development

Custom App Development

Enterpreneur Solutions offers an extensive and practical experience in the development of incredible applications with sophisticated functions for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, we also make applications based on HTML5, with Cordova PhoneGap, helping businesses in their transition from web to mobile.

Centralized Mobile Applications

By making your business mobile we will allow you to improve the user experience and achieve an additional benefit. Entrepreneur Solutions delivers multilevel mobile solutions that allow you to bring the best of your goods and services to your customers no matter where they are, achieving better interaction and retention.

Business Mobile Apps

Entrepreneur Solutions expands business applications to the world of mobile devices by complementing the existing environment with its mobile demands. Our team develops custom back-end, middleware, and front-end solutions that enable them to introduce mobile points into their infrastructure fulfilling their required automation force.

Native and Hybrid Mobile Applications
To meet strict challenges to go to market while exceeding the demand of user expectations, Entrepreneur Solutions has its own methodology of work around agile development, extensive technical knowledge and a dynamic approach to project management.
Mobile technologies that we master

With more than 10 years of experience building reliable, scalable applications, our Mobile Applications experts possess extensive knowledge of various technologies, proficiency in working with MVC patterns, and deep understanding of mobile application architectures. Entrepreneur Solutions’ technological expertise includes:

Areas of experience


Entrepreneur Solutions develops mobile applications based on geolocation which allows you to accurately determine the business information on the map. Using geolocation we help you to improve the management of your resources, the tracking of your fleets, and we provide your clients with relevant information based on the location.


We develop streaming solutions that help you collaborate with your clients through live broadcasts or add flexibility in remote working conditions. Empowered with encryption and scrambling, our custom mobile apps are capable of handling transmissions of any kind for your business.

Near Field Communication

Entrepreneur Solutions delivers mobile apps with NFC-enabled technology to assist your business in improving the facilities to manage security. We also use NFC to build applications that allow you to implement a fast and secure retail payment method in a point of sale environment.

Dedicated Mobile Technology Development Team

Entrepreneur Solutions’ dedicated Mobile Applications teams allow our clients to augment in-house development skills with highly trained expert engineers in the mobile environment, with a decade of accumulated experience and expertise. The typical dedicated Mobile Technology team at Entrepreneur Solutions is comprised of 3 to 4 specialists assigned for a period of at least 4 months. Due to the accelerated speed of development in Mobile Technologies based on initiatives to allow maintaining high performance, Entrepreneur Solutions ensures a rapid integration of our qualified engineers fully aligned with your objectives.

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