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Helping you get the tools you need to stand out from your competition and grow.

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Mobile App

Entrepreneur Solutions expands business applications to the world of mobile devices by complementing the existing environment with its mobile demands.

Web Development

Boost your online visibility with responsive, mobile-optimized websites that customers and search engines love.

Domain & Hosting

We will provide you with the best web hosting for you and affordable domains.

Social Media

Grow your fan base on social media, find leads in real time, and share relevant content across all your social channels.


Quickly increase website rank with onsite and offsite SEO tactics starting with our 10 keyword plan.

Graphic Design

Your logo deserves to be crafted and handled by industry-leading designers.

Helping you get the tools you need to stand out from your competition and grow.

features & benefits

Action Points

Give you the ability to reward your clients based on actions they preform, for example if they complete their profile.


You are able to setup coupons for a single or multiple business that are trackable with redemption statistics.

Dollar Rewards

Your users can see a full chronological history of their rewards of their LTV, including rewards earned, used and transferred in or out.

Submit Receipt

This tab is required to give users the ability to add and upload receipts. Once a receipt is added you will receive an email asking you to validate the receipt.

GPS Coupon

This feature allows you to setup a coupon that can only be seen by your customers when they are within a pre-set distance from your business.

Referral Rewards

Allow your users to be rewarded for referring you business from their personal networks.


Entrepreneur Solutions believes that every business should have equal opportunity when it comes to exposure and marketing. Big businesses have big budgets so they often stay ahead of those smaller than themselves. At ES we solve that problem by helping you get the tools you need to stand out from your competition and grow. Website design, hosting, logos, animations and even native mobile apps have been made extremely affordable.

The Queue Feature



Entrepreneur Solutions develops mobile applications based on geolocation which allows you to accurately determine the business information on the map. Using geolocation we help you to improve the management of your resources, the tracking of your fleets, and we provide your clients with relevant information based on the location.


We develop streaming solutions that help you collaborate with your clients through live broadcasts or add flexibility in remote working conditions. Empowered with encryption and scrambling, our custom mobile apps are capable of handling transmissions of any kind for your business.

Near Field Communication

Entrepreneur Solutions delivers mobile apps with NFC-enabled technology to assist your business in improving the facilities to manage security. We also use NFC to build applications that allow you to implement a fast and secure retail payment method in a point of sale environment.

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We are an agency committed to creating out of this world jobs. Projects that will boost your business, entrepreneurship or any activity that you are interested in promoting, an idea that you want to take to the top of the cosmos.

We work from the web application, Android and IOS development. We strive to make your corporate entity of the project outstanding.

We are not only an agency, we are the rocket that will take you higher.
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Just mobile app development can run you over $20,000 all the way up to over $100,000. Our team of developers have come up with the most asked for features, pre coded them and then we complete the coding to match your needs, brand, and functionality.

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